WD My Book Debian Lenny — Samba

I have recently installed Debian Lenny to my Western Digital My Book. All thanks to great guide at Mario Pascucci's site (big thanks!)

A commented version with some other details can be found at Hacking WD MyBook World Ed site

The system installed is full-fledged version of testing version (called lenny) of Debian, so one can use use apt-get to install packages the same way as at PC (providing you use a packages mirror, that serves arm architecture). Having successfully installed FTP (vsftpd), htop, gcc, and others, I also wanted to install Samba (as the most important part of such a device).

I was fighting with Samba at MyBook for more than two days (and nights). The problem was that it didn't want to list the shares at the server. The problem in the end was that there is a bug in Debian samba package version 3.0.28–1 – current testing (lenny) version, which has something to do with arm compiler – if you download Samba source code and compile it yourself without additional parameter -O0, the result will be the same as with the samba Debian package.

The bug has already been fixed in 3.0.28–2. This version is not in testing (lenny) yet, but you can manually download the current versions from

To install it do as root:

cd /tmp
wget http://http.us.debian.org/debian/pool/main/s/samba/samba-common_3.0.28-2_arm.deb
wget http://http.us.debian.org/debian/pool/main/s/samba/samba_3.0.28-2_arm.deb
dpkg --install samba-common_3.0.28-2_arm.deb
dpkg --install samba_3.0.28-2_arm.deb
rm samba-common_3.0.28-2_arm.deb samba_3.0.28-2_arm.deb

Another way is to add sid deb sources to you /etc/apt/sources­.list

I hope that this can make somebody's fight shorter than two days…


4 Responses to “WD My Book Debian Lenny — Samba”

  1. H says:

    Do you have a MyBook World II or a I?

  2. Honza says:

    Sorry for replying this late.
    I have MyBook World I — 500 GB.

  3. Jim says:

    Are you able to install fuse and ntfs-3g? As delivered the MBWE supports external usb drives with NTFS with the old ntfs module. One needs ntfs-3g to have a safe write access.


  4. Honza says:

    Hi Jim.

    I’ve just given it a try and the ntfs-3g package installed without any problems.

    I don’t have an NTFS flash drive to test it.