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Today I wanted to upgrade packages at my WD MyBook running Debian Lenny. My notebook was being backed up at the time so I thought that it would be a good idea to run apt-get with a lower priority, as the the samba process eats almost all MyBook resources.

I typed nice apt-get update && nice apt-get upgrade. It did what I wanted it to do, but hour later I found that apache and samba were running with low priority. This is because the services were restarted by apt-get.

Having been reniced, all the services are running OK again.

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  1. thinkweird says:

    When I tried to perform apt-get upgrade, it prompted I must install a new kernel to install package udev.

    I am not sure at all what kernel package to install or it is even possible.

    Could you tell me what kernel you are running on your MBWE? Which kernel shall I use from the official debian repository?

  2. honza says:

    I wouldn't install the kernel from the debian repo. The kernel, that was included in Mario Pascucci's dis­tribution was, in my opinion, modified. My WD is not turned off, so I can't try, but as far as I remeber, there was something about it in the kernel's version – try

    uname -a

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