How to open Western Digital My Book World Edition

WD MyBook

There are few guides on how to dismantle Western Digital My Book World Edition (500 GB) available online. (see here or here).

Just for those who have the new model (white with rubber around it):

  • There is no screw in the cover.
  • You need to remove the rubber before you try to slide the cover.

7 Responses to “How to open Western Digital My Book World Edition”

  1. Mayo says:

    I wasted good money on this crap.
    The least I can do is salvage it's overly heated hard disk.

  2. bill says:

    I opened my My Book 160 GB Essential Edition to swap hard drives, but the MY Book hard drive that I have, doesn't have IDE prongs to connect to my IDE cable in my tower! Instead it has gold colored sliding tabs. It must be a newer My Book edition! So, I couldn't connect to my desktop.

  3. honza says:

    Hi Bill,

    as far as I remeber, the hard drive in My Book was not ATA, but SATA href=„http://­en.wikipedia.or­g/wiki/Sata“ rel=„nofollow“>http:/­/en.wikipedia­.org/wiki/Sata. Isn't that the problem?

  4. Chuck Dobins says:

    The link to get here says „How to dismantle Western Digital My Book“. How to is what I was looking for. Your link is misnamed.

  5. honza says:

    I did not think it was important to repeat what somebody else had written about before. I therefore linked the articles that gave the „how-to“ and added some comments that I thought could be interesting to the others. Sorry if it didn't help you.

  6. Chris B says:

    Certainly helped me. I found other sites before this but none of them mentioned the rubber seal/band versions without the screw, thanks!

  7. lemoncar says:

    Opened it, thanks to the information provided here.

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