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RQM on 64bit Ubuntu

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

I installed IBM Rational Quality Manager on the same machine as I installed Rational Requirements Composer before. Some steps from installation tips may be needed.

The official product documentation does not give the exact DB2 command line command. If you use the command from RTC manual, the table creation will fail. This is caused by the pagesize being too small. Use this command to create the database instead:

db2 create database RQM using codeset UTF-8 territory en PAGESIZE 16384

RRC on 64bit Ubuntu

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Another post, where the main audience is me :)


To install IBM Rational Requirements Composer on 64bit Linux, you need 32bit libraries installed. Strange error message is displayed otherwise when trying to run the installer:

root@rtc:/opt/rrc-install/RRCS_SETUP/InstallerImage_linux# ./install
bash: ./install: No such file or directory

To install the needed libraries run:

apt-get install ia32-libs

The installation should run successfully after this.


RRC needs swt-gtk to run. Install it by:

apt-get install libswt-gtk-3.4-jni

In addition, RRC needs a X screen to start. There is an IBM Technote with solution for RHEL and Suse. To install Xvfb on Ubuntu do:

apt-get install xvfb

The rest of the procedure (starting the server) is the same as on RHEL or SLES (see the technote).

The server is started by server.startup. This script has to be called from its directory – you need to cd first. The init script can look for example like this:

# rrc        Startup script for the RRC
# chkconfig: - 90 16
# description: Rational Requirements composer  \
# processname: java
# pidfile: /var/run/


start() {
        echo -n $"Starting $prog: "
        # export GTK_PATH=/usr/lib32/gtk-2.0
        Xvfb :1 -screen 0 800x600x24&
        cd ${rrchome}
        DISPLAY=localhost:1.0 ./server.startup
        [ $RETVAL = 0 ] && touch ${lockfile}
        return $RETVAL

stop() {
        echo -n $"Stopping $prog: "
        killall Xvfb
        [ $RETVAL = 0 ] && rm -f ${lockfile} ${pidfile}

# See how we were called.
case "$1" in
        status $prog
        echo $"Usage: $prog {start|stop|restart}"

exit $RETVAL

OS details: Ubuntu 9.04, Server edition, 64bit

IBM Installation Manager RHEL 4 64bit

Friday, January 8th, 2010

I'm currently installing Jazz CALM solution on CentOS 4 64bit (equivalent to RHEL 4 64bit). I got stuck when installing both Rational Quality Manager (RQM) and Rational Requirements Composer (RRC). Both need to be installed via IBM Installation Manager. RRC installation package includes IBM Installation Manager, whereas RQM doesn't.

To install IBM Installation manager on 64bit RHEL 4 you first need to install these:

yum install gtk2.i386 libgcc.i386

I first installed libgcc.i386 only to get rid of the error message must be installed for pthread_cancel to work

After this, there was no error message, but the installer returned exit code 13 (which I haven't found documented anywhere). Installing 32bit gtk library solved the problem.

The IBM Installation Manager itself can be downloaded from…alsdp/v7/im/

I hope this helps somebody save some time of desperate googling for solution…